DIY KIT for 10 Facemask

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This set is perfect for creating your own masks.
Seeing the shortage of materials, we hastened to make available to the population, all that is necessary to allow you to make your own masks.

The material provided is the same that we use for our own masks. (Click here to see our pre-designed masks.) This is not a fabric, therefore, it is not a woven material. So you can only use one layer of the latter. It is also recommended as a material for the manufacture of masks according to the AFNOR S76-001 standard.
Package content
  • 10 sheets of 100g / m2 non-woven Polypropylene filter material [PP Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric]. (2 whites, 2 browns, 2 reds, 1 taupe, 2 blacks and 1 charcoal)
  • 20 rubber bands 12 inches long.
  • 10 pieces to create a flexible nasal section for the nose
  • 1 manufacturing guide

  • Filter material in 100g / m2 Polypropylene non-woven [PP Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric]
  • Thicker material than disposable models
  • Material offering protection against projections (3 µm)
  • Air permeability depression (100 Pa) (breathability)
  • Flexible nose bridge for a better fit
  • Usage tips
  • The wearing time should be less than 4 hours in a single day.
  • Wash your hands before and after removing your mask.
  • Handle the mask by the rubber bands to remove it and avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • Machine wash your mask in hot water.
  • Machine dry.
Mask maintenance
  • Machine wash your mask (or hand wash it for longer) in hot water. You can use conventional detergents for washing the mask. The use of fabric softener is not recommended.
  • Do not wash your masks alone to make sure you have the mechanical aspect of washing (rubbing).
  • Machine dry.
  • It is recommended that the barrier mask is completely dry within two hours of coming out of the wash.
  • Masks should not air dry to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • Masks should be dried completely.
  • DO NOT put in the microwave.
  • DO NOT IRON the mask.

Questions and answers.
 Can I change the colors offered in the set?
No. The colors offered are the colors currently available. Nothing prevents you from lining the outside of the mask, with a fabric you have, for example, an old sweater. You will still be protected, since we provide you with the protective equipment.
 I don’t understand step X, can you help me?
Unfortunately, we are very busy with the production of masks. However, we have uploaded a video to guide you through the different steps.
If I don't have a sewing machine, can I make a similar mask for myself with this set?
Unfortunately no. You must have access to a sewing machine to do this. Otherwise, you can always get pre-made masks by clicking on this link. (click here)
 Are the masks the right size for a child?
The current format is for an adult. However, you can adjust your sewing values ​​so that it fits a child.
 Can I buy rubber bands only?
No. We only sell the set.

 We are a family business working in the manufacturing sector since 1979. In this time of crisis, we have assigned our team to the realization of essential products to help the population!