Disposable Nursing Pads - Economic Size - 240 pads

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SURPLUS INVENTORY Disposable nursing pads are very absorbent, breathable and super soft. With waterproof outer layer, they have a slim fit for excellent protection. Economic format Breathable and absorbent. Easy to carry in a diaper bag, pump bag or handbag. Can also be used to protect clothing from excess nipple cream. All of the ingredients in our tampons are non-toxic and latex free. Our disposable breast pads come in a pack of 60 pads (Packed in 4 bags of 60 pads). They have an adhesive strip to keep the pad in place, in your nursing bras or nursing tops. We recommend changing the nursing pillow often to maintain healthy skin, if possible after each feeding. - FREE SHIPPING FOR QUEBEC / FLATE RATE PRICE OF $ 5 FOR CANADA Made in China for the Ranger Group